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Maurice Jongmans

Payment Innovator - CEO
Online Payment Platform

Maurice Jongmans (1978) has been operating as an independent entrepreneur in the world of internet applications since 2000. Since 2011 he has been active as a payment innovator and director of Online Payment Platform with offices in Delft (NL), Berlin (DE) and London (UK). He is chairman of the Dutch Association of Payment Institutions (VBIN). Online Payment Platform enables payment processes on platforms; not only from business to business (B2B), but also business to consumer (B2C) and from consumer to consumer (C2C). Online Payment Platform aims to make the world of online payments easier and safer in a place we believe in: platforms and marketplaces. With a heart for innovation and a sense for rules and regulations, Maurice is always personally involved in the developments of the financial and fintech market. He has a critical but open mind towards regulators and legislators. In addition to the fintech world, Maurice has a passion for sailing and boats and as Nautical Coordinator he contributed to the Royal shipping in 2013 and Sail Amsterdam in 2015, where he was responsible for the presence and sailing schedules of all ships on the water.